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The Foundation is assembling an Advisory Council to assist in its post-stroke educational initiative. These fine professionals understand the tremendous need for Succeeding in Your Stroke Recovery.

The continuum of care breaks when reimbursed therapy terminates, in most cases, prematurely. The course’s focus is to assist stroke survivors and their caregiver partner(s) to successfully navigate a meaningful and fulfilling post-stroke life.

A secondary focus is to increase stroke awareness including mitigating risk factors, and how to personally reduce one’s risk of stroke.

Each member of the Advisory Council has graciously initially volunteered their time and we are most appreciative. We anticipate that this group of professionals will grow as our services and reach expand.

Charter members include:

Dr. Walter Kernan is a Professor of Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Kernan was educated at Harvard College and Dartmouth Medical School and then completed his internship and residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital. After fellowship training at Yale he joined the Yale faculty in the Section of General Internal Medicine. In addition to practicing general internal medicine, Dr. Kernan’s work has included educational administration and clinical research on topics at the interface of internal medicine and cerebrovascular disease. He has a particular interest in stroke and was a speaker at the Canadian Stroke Congress where I met him.


Dr. Aileen Judith Staller is the Stroke Center Coordinator at Physicians Regional Healthcare System in Naples, FL. Dr. Staller was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Phoenix, and University of South Florida where she was awarded a Post Graduate Certificate as a Nursing Practitioner and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. She is on the Adjunct Facility at Ave Maria Nursing School. Besides her administrative duties at Physicians Regional she is a nurse practitioner in Neurology. She is also a stroke survivor.



Rebecca Bowes is the Regional Coordinator of the Post Stroke Transitional Care Program in Ontario Canada. She was educated at Laurentian University with an emphasis in Neuroscience and Psychology. She has taken the lead in expanding the Transitional Care Program into five additional sites across Northern Ontario. She is the lead in the Living with Stroke Course taught at the various Program sites.

Dr. Angel Rafael Braña-López M.D. M.P.H. M.S.B.I. is a consultant in Primary Health Care Systems. He is certified in Public Health and Preventive Medicine with a subspecialty in Medical Informatics. He has developed many successful public health programs and is a Diplomate: American Board of Preventive Medicine and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Previously he was a CAPT. - US Public Health Service.

Dr. Cindy Drapel DNP, MHA, RN, NEA-BC is Head of the Neuroscience Institute at Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft Myers, Florida. Her professional background is in nursing and has degrees from Beth Israel School of Nursing, NY, Nova Southeastern, Phoenix University and Walden University where she recently completed a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Cindy was nice enough to vet my book, Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor.

Stephanie Hart-Hughes is President and CEO of Hart Fall Mitigation Solutions. She is also an Adjunct Clinical Instructor in the HE-DPT Program at Nova Southeastern University. A practicing physical therapist, her focus is on balance, gait and fall mitigation. She holds a Master’s Degree from University of S Florida with a concentration in Clinical and Translational Research. Her B.Sc. is from McGill University in Quebec, Canada. I met Stephanie through Advisory Council member Aileen Staller.

Dr. Joann Gallichio is Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University, focusing on stroke and other neuro diseases. She is also a practicing neurological physical therapist at Select Rehabilitation in Tampa. Together, with Stephanie Hart-Hughes she has created a unique week-long Neuro Boot Camp for patients with neurological problems whose reimbursed therapy has terminated. She received her Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, and her Masters of Physical Therapy and B.S. in Health Sciences from University of Scranton. I also was referred to her from Advisory Council member Aileen Staller.

Call for Advisory Council Volunteers

If you have an interest in supporting the Foundation’s stroke recovery educational and awareness initiatives, you are invited to enquire by contacting Bob Mandell at Bobm@StrokeRF.org.

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