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The Foundation has established the Stroke Victor Recovery Fund to pay partial scholarships for survivors who would benefit from additional speech, physical and occupational therapy but whose insurance reimbursements have been terminated, and the survivors do not have the financial resources to continue. Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment recovery therapy is limited for the very great majority of stroke survivors. For most there are caps or other institutional barriers to getting the amount of therapy that would help the survivor make a more complete recovery.

Yet, this is how survivors recover their independence and life functionality!

Ten percent of strokes annually in America (80,000-90,000) occur in people under the age of 50 years of age. These survivors are a special group which includes children and young adults who have many years to live. It also includes people in the prime of their professional and working lives. These scholarships will have a particularly important role in their improved recoveries.

In some cases, the scholarships will also reduce the family financial burden since the additional therapy may result in improved functionality and independence that, for example, the survivor can remain in their current residence instead of having to relocate to a retirement home or other institution. That is tremendously important!


Case Management

In addition to the mentioned therapy the Fund will provide assistance with stroke recovery coaching to create a personalized and realistic road map to recovery. We will also work with each of the scholarship recipients to navigate to appropriate providers given the needs. And finally, each recipient will be expected to periodically check-in with our staff to ascertain the progress, or lack thereof. We want to be sure that the funds are being well spent.


Skin in the Game

The Foundation believes that each applicant be required to make a co-payment for the therapy. ‘Skin in the game’ is an important element of the scholarship program.



Please contact the Foundation at and request a Stroke Victor Recovery Fund application.

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Stroke recovery is a lifelong endeavor for both the survivor and their caregiver(s). However, because of a lack of knowledge, most stroke survivors never recover to the levels that are possible.