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How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor
The ultimate “how to” book! Learn practical game-changing lessons, techniques, and VITAL NEW INFORMATION – what really can be done if you or your loved one has a stroke!

Utilizing little known innovative therapies, strategies, and a mind/body mentality the “Stroke Victor” pushed his recovery well beyond what was expected. Learn the tricks, techniques, devices, mental games, and philosophies that will help every stroke victim have a stronger recovery and ultimate healing.

Sex, travel, and post-stroke fitness, just three of life’s simple pleasures, are some of the many “real-life” subjects and lifestyle issues treated in “Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor” the dramatic, poignant, sometimes funny, and no-holds barred new book that for the first time tells, in straight-forward language, what a stroke feels like and how to “beat it.”

Bob and his caregivers experienced frustration, “dead-end” paths, recovery plateaus and bad advice after his near-death stroke. Come to understand the one-at-a-time, day-at-a-time small, sometimes tiny victories a stroke victim needs to slay depression, and then move forward. Follow this fact-filled, informative and realistically holistic approach to beating the odds after stroke!

Join the Stroke Victor from his days as a paralyzed, hiccupping, aphasic, massive stroke survivor living in a Connecticut nursing home to journeys to Australian and New Zealand vineyards where he and his caregiver wife enjoyed wine tastings and tours, jet boating in Tasmania, Americas Cup practice sailing and music at the Sydney Opera House. And what’s really important – you can make strides also!

Survivors should read this book. Family members, especially spouses and partners, particularly those who are the caregivers, should read this book. And so, should doctors to get a patient perspective.

Michael Baumohl,
Creative Projects International

Some of My Most Important Lessons
“I am going to walk down the nursing home hallway today.” Stumbling, “I can’t do it. Damn! I can only take a step. Help, I need help, Shit. I can’t even walk those few steps! How will I get down the hall?”


Small Lessons that Make a Big Difference

When I was healthy, there were a lot of things that I just took for granted and didn’t give a second thought. We all do. Some are pretty mundane, but with a disability, it’s a whole different ballgame. You have to think about this and that, and then create solutions.


Friendly Chatter – A Self-Advocacy Strategy to Succeed
Isn’t everyone friendly? Don’t they like to meet new people and learn new things?

Friendly chatter as a strategy! Friendly chatter as a way to self-advocate! Am I crazy? Am I losing my marbles? No I’m not! Definitely not!

STROKE VICTOR – How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor
“Bob Mandell brings a new and refreshing focus on recovery after a stroke. He shows how he was able to take control of his recovery after a devastating stroke and mixes humor, determination and a positive attitude in this inspiring book.”
Dr. Justin C. McArthur - Director, Department of Neurology - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine