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After a global stroke informational review, including several visits to the Canadian Stroke Congress and the UK Stroke Forum, the Foundation determined that to make a significant difference in the lives of stroke survivors and their caregiver partners there is a need for additional Stroke Victor oriented education.

As such the video podcast initiative, “Succeeding in Your Stroke Recovery” was born. This initiative provides information on many aspects of stroke recovery including exciting lifestyle opportunities.

“Succeeding in Your Stroke Recovery” is initially being created in a virtual video podcast format to make the information available to the largest possible survivor/caregiver population. Weekly sessions will be archived online so that the information is easily available to the stroke survivor/caregiver population.

Awareness & Advocacy

Stroke Recovery Foundation is pursuing stroke awareness advocacy initiatives to explain the inequities in stroke recovery reimbursement. These public outreach efforts include public speaking to businesses, governments, and the public.

The Foundation engages in social and traditional media campaigns and political testimony to increase awareness and change the perception and understanding of the disease called stroke, symptoms and, the signs of stroke, stroke prevention, and stroke recovery.

Stroke Navigation & Coaching

The Foundation provides a stroke coaching service which assists survivors and their caregivers in their recovery journey. The coaching program starts with the development of a Recovery Roadmap with the purpose of continuing recovery progress, attaining a greater level of independence, and creating a fulfilling “New Us” lifestyle.

In SW Florida, the Foundation has stepped up the growth of its beta Stroke Navigation Service. This service provides referrals to vetted providers.

Stroke Recovery Fund

Upon receipt of appropriate funding, the Foundation will establish a Stroke Recovery Fund to pay for needed unreimbursed therapy for those lacking the means to pay for it.

64% of stroke survivors who have SSDI and Medicare would consider going back to work if their benefits were protected | Stroke Recovery Foundation
The Foundation’s educational initiatives will:

  • Increase the understanding and belief that every stroke survivor’s life can be greatly improved through education and coaching regarding stroke recovery opportunities and personal determination;
  • Increase the education and awareness of the critical role of the caregiver(s) and the importance of fostering their well-being while caring for the survivor;
  • Increase the appreciation of stroke’s physical, emotional, and financial impact on people of all ages, their families, and society, and how to mitigate those impacts;
  • Focus attention on the lifestyle changes among the unafflicted, which is critical to reducing the incidence of stroke.

Improve the outlook for stroke survivors and their caregiver partners!

* Note: Elements of our Plan are based on successful UK and Canadian programs… proven initiatives that are improving the lives of stroke survivors and their caregivers in those countries.


Private Consultation

Consider a Stroke Recovery Coach to Assist You and your caregiver partner.

A Stroke Recovery Coach is appropriate in an environment with insurance restrictions and caps that prematurely terminate medical insurance preventing survivors from continuing their needed therapies.

The 12 Pillars of Recovery

Want to succeed with your stroke recovery?
An optimistic and engaged survivor will experience maximum recovery, given the deficits. Taming depression is a prerequisite to successful rehabilitation.

Survivors and their caregiver partners are now on their own.
In many cases they are desperate to continue their recoveries! It is particularly at this stage that Stroke Recovery Foundation comes to the rescue with supportive education, coaching and resource navigation services which facilitate continued progress.