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You have had a stroke and you are trying to recover! NOW WHAT?

You or your caregiver partner know that you can make recovery progress, but how, and who is going to guide you. Turn to a Stroke Coach – for a tailored recovery plan to fit YOUR needs and deficits.

Everyone’s stroke is different, everyone’s outcomes are different; there just isn’t a template for Stroke Recovery. How frustrating, but that’s the reality.

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A Stroke Coach can help stroke Victims, Caregivers & Family members.
You probably have never heard of a Stroke Recovery Coach.
Not surprising, because it’s a new concept being innovated by Stroke Recovery Foundation. It’s innovative and some think disruptive to the historical thinking among many professionals in the stroke field. However, with innovation and disruption comes progress!

For stroke victims with the motivation to succeed and who “have walked the stroke walk” – they know that a Stroke Recovery Coach is just the thing that can help you to improve your recovery as well as assist your caregiver or family member by providing meaningful insights and guidance.

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Think about it – there are personal trainers in fitness and tutors for your academic work.
And there are life coaches and business coaches who help one succeed in life and business.
These are all coaches by a different name. They are all doing the same thing but in different fields.

What do Stroke Coaches Do?

  • Guide you in the creation of a Roadmap to Success
  • Provide suggestions and encouragement as you travel your roadmap
  • Helping to find appropriate resources and referrals to facilitate your success in stroke recovery
  • Be a sounding board support line as you travel your journey of recovery

A Stroke Recovery Coach is particularly appropriate in an environment where insurance restrictions and caps are holding you back from succeeding.

The Foundation offers Stroke Coaching Services to assist stroke survivors, caregivers and family members in their successful journey of recovery.

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