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My name is Rand Posmantur and I am 53 years old. I had a stroke several years ago, but before that I was a senior executive in the Biotech industry. I found the Stroke Recovery Foundation and Bob Mandell, its founder, because I was looking to volunteer for a stroke related non-profit. I connected with Bob and started to do volunteer projects. I had a connection with Bob since I had a stroke and Bob is also a stroke survivor and patient advocate. Bob and the Stroke Recovery Foundation provides resources for patients recovering from a stroke. Perhaps more importantly for me and my wife, Bob took on the role of a recovery coach. He advised me on regaining my freedom. I am very dependent on my wife, and we spend 24/7 together. He insisted that we break that bond to give both me and my loving wife, and caregiver, more freedom. I have dysarthric speech, he put me in contact with a therapist from Speech by the Beach. It is working wonderfully. He has instructed me on the benefits of physical therapy and exercise. I have now started to exercise. I have poor dexterity in my hands, so he provided me with an occupational rehabilitation therapist at Lee Health. Notwithstanding the coaching, he instructed me on the importance of diet. I have committed to losing some weight. And, I stopped driving and made a commitment to start again. Bobs coaching through the Stroke Recovery Foundation has been heaven sent. Before Bob’s coaching, I had given up on rehabilitation. He has helped me to make more constructive lifestyle choices. The coaching has provided me with a roadmap to success. Due to the Stroke Recovery Foundation, I feel I am on the path to recovery. Rand Posmantur -- Ph.D., MBA

Rand Posmantur

Dear Bob: Thank you for the book. Each of us can draw inspiration from stories of courage, strength, and perseverance. For centuries, the power of books has helped foster important dialogues, illuminated our past, and strengthened our future. Please know I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Bob Mandell brings a new and refreshing focus on recovery after a stroke. He shows how he was able to take control of his recovery after a devastating stroke and mixes humor, determination and a positive attitude in this inspiring book.

Dr. Justin C. McArthurDirector, Department of Neurology - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

You gave a great speech at Interagency!

Dr. Ann Rasmussen, Au.D. CCC-A

"enjoyed the presentation and were glad they came." "Your laughter was infectious." Mine would be that I found your talk to be positive and motivational as some of the things you talked about were applicable and helpful to anyone facing a challenge in life (health or otherwise).

Kathy DelBazoFt. Myers Beach Library