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I clearly remember our trip to Sherbrooke, Quebec and your attitude of bravery and resilience - you truly inspired me and helped me understand that there is always a good life ahead even if it doesn't look like you thought it would.

Lois DirksonChoreographer

Bob Mandell's story of overcoming a truly substantial health challenge is compelling and it is inspiring. He has earned the title "StrokeVictor." Those who have heard his story of recovery have been unanimous in urging him to share his remarkable achievement with others. I am among those who have asked Bob to take his story to audiences young and old. As an Emeritus Professor of Communication at the University of Michigan, I can attest not only to the wonderful story to be told but to the extraordinary skill with which the story is presented. For the program planner, conference coordinator, or the individual simply looking for a great speaker, with an unbelievable story of overcoming the odds, Bob Mandell is the man.

C. William Colburn, Ph.DEmeritus Professor, The University of Michigan

On January 19th I had the good fortune of hearing Bob Mandell speak openly and honestly about his very personal experience with a stroke twenty years ago that left him with major disabilities which he has been able to conquer but not without hard work and positive attitude and a tenacious willpower. He kept our class mesmerized as he wove his story with simple to understand language and even a little humor. Bob had no problem answering questions in the comfortable atmosphere he created. He was somehow able to lift the stigma of stroke curtain during these two hours. For me it was refreshing. Time well spent. This man not only teaches with words but by example.

Barbara Archambeau

Great story, well written and very worth reading. You don’t have to have stroke in your life to get some serious lessons of life.

Bob Jones

Bob Mandell is an inspiring public speaker. Not only are his presentations interesting and moving, but he tailors them to any audience. No matter whether he's speaking to medical professionals, those who are facing those who suffered from strokes and their caregivers, or a general group, listeners are informed, inspired, and yes, entertained. As the author of Stroke Victor" and founder of a foundation focused on recovery after stroke, Bob leaves his listeners engaged in how he faced the disease in unique ways and became a victor over it. I highly recommend calling on Bob Mandell to speak to any audience.

Arnold KlinskyKlinsky Consulting