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How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor

“Bob Mandell brings a new and refreshing focus on recovery after a stroke. He shows how he was able to take control of his recovery after a devastating stroke and mixes humor, determination and a positive attitude in this inspiring book.”

Dr. Justin C. McArthur

Director, Department of Neurology

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

There’s nothing more frightening in this world than the prospect of having a stroke except, perhaps,

actually, having one. Your life changes in an instant. Your partner’s life changes in an instant. You wonder- will I ever be able to walk again? Or speak? Or even write or think? Bob Mandell can attest to that. But Bob, a stroke survivor, and now stroke coach, patient advocate, and self-described stubborn SOB, fought to come back, and has done so with a vengeance. He was determined to achieve victory over his own stroke and now, in his new book, teaches others to do the same. And do so with a smile on their face!

Stroke Victor: How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor, is not just a “rah rah, get over it”

personal story. It’s the ultimate “how to” book, containing game-changing lessons, coping strategies, little known techniques, the latest innovative therapies, and a mind/body mentality that pushed his recovery well beyond what was expected after his life-threatening stroke. Patients should read this book. Family members, especially spouses and partners, particularly those who are the caregivers, should read this book. And so, should doctors to get a patient perspective.

This is a practical book, covering such post-stroke subjects as diet, fitness, travel and, yes, sex. In straightforward language, sometimes poignant, often funny, Bob takes us through everything from the depression and fear so many survivors suffer to the tiny victories that added up to the kind of success that even shocked his doctors. He guides us from his days as a paralyzed, hiccupping, barely speaking massive

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stroke survivor living in a Connecticut nursing home to exciting wine-tasting journeys to Australia and

New Zealand vineyards.

This book, however, is so much more than a medical memoir. This is a survival primer. With everything from stroke information from the Centers for Disease Control to the how-to’s of researching hospitals, doctors, and clinical trials — resources on putting together the best possible survival team — STROKE VICTOR is inspiring, informative, and should be a part of every stroke patient’s road map for recovery. But perhaps most importantly, it is a book of hope, not false hope, but realistic hope.

Bob wants you to find a friend in this book, a friend who has felt what you’re feeling, who not only wants you to know that it can get better, but shows you how you can make it better. There is no quick fix, he reminds us. Recovery is a long haul. There’s much over which you have no control so you’d better make the most of what you can control. Lots of books claim the ability to change your life. This one actually can do just that. Fittingly, Bob ends the book by revealing his own secret recipe for success: One part each of Grit, Moxie, Tenacity, and Endurance, topped off with a splash of Stubborn Mule. Blend them all together and you

get Stroke Victor.


About the Author: Bob Mandell’s dedication to helping others stricken by stroke has led to a new career path as author, stroke coach, speaker and founder of the Stroke Recovery Foundation, whose mission is to improve post-stroke lifestyles through education, awareness, activism, advocacy, and knowledgeable resource navigation. In his prior life, he was a corporate marketing executive, partner in an international management consulting firm, an adjunct professor at Fairfield University, and an entrepreneur in the telecommunications field. He earned his M.S. in Business from Penn State and his B.B.A. from Pace University in New York.



"Mandell brings a new and refreshing focus on recovery after a stroke. He shows how he was able to take control of his recovery after a devastating stroke and mixes humor, determination and a positive attitude in this inspiring book."

Dr. Justin C. McArthur

Director, Department of Neurology

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“I applaud Bob for writing this book from the patient’s perspective! He sends a strong message about the importance of self-advocacy, determination, and participation in research.”

Cindy Drapal, MSN, MHA, RN, NEA-BC

Director, Neuroscience Institute

Lee Memorial Health System

“In this intensely honest view of the challenges of overcoming stroke, Bob relates not only the ‘how to’ but also the ‘why’ in this incredibly hope-filled book. This is a much needed resource not only for the potential ‘Stroke Victor’ but also for the caregiver!”

Mollie Venglar DSc, MSPT, NCS

Florida Gulf Coast University

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

“To my knowledge there are several great textbooks on neuropsychological rehabilitation for professionals available. Bob’s book though fills a wide open gap for people afflicted with almost any type of TBI, but strokes in particular. It is my belief that it will be tremendously helpful and encouraging to the many unfortunate victims suffering the same or similar physiological and psychological consequences Bob so successfully overcame. In addition, I support Bob in establishing a stroke research foundation to further our understanding about this often overlooked cause of death and disability which impacts so many individuals.”

Udo Fischer PhD LMHC, Dipl. Psych

“Bob Mandell has written an important book, Stroke Victor. At the core of his book is the mantra for every stroke victim to be positive, always make your maximum effort, never give up, don’t focus on your deficits, celebrate every improvement in function, if you fail, try harder to achieve, set reasonable goals and continue therapy and rehabilitation on a daily basis, forever. He also emphasizes that you have to build a team to support and assist you in your efforts, an area he discusses in the book.

Stroke Victor makes the point that patients should be open to trying alternative methods of therapy that have not been accepted and evaluated in the mainstream of stroke rehabilitation, since he has benefited from many of them. In addition, I believe in his emphasis on being brave and trying to return to function in the community and not be inhibited by the social impact of your disability. Understand that people will be helpful and make accommodations to meet your needs. Plan to participate in more activities to increase the quality of your life.

This is an excellent read for other stroke victims, their families, friends and supporters. Going by chapter he describes his experiences in the various steps in his journey from the acute hospital to inpatient physical, speech, occupational therapy, to home. Then his participation in the continuum of his multi-modality rehabilitation therapy in an out- patient setting and then many years of continued participation in other forms of therapy. He describes accurately, offering practical recommendations for participation in the activities of daily living.

His Odyssey has motivated him to become a counselor, mentor and advocate for patients who suffer the variable disabilities secondary to stroke. At this time, Bob is committed to launching a research foundation with its mission to advance discoveries that will be helpful in the prevention, improved treatment and recovery from strokes, as well as the development of new modalities of rehabilitation.”

William D. Ertag MD, FAAN

“This is an easy to read book and will be a helpful tool to both family and friends of loved ones who have suffered the life-changing effects of a stroke. Mr. Mandell’s story should be shared as it is one that can be an example of hope. I believe a lot of good will come to those who read this!”

Michael Legal

CEO – First Alternatives, LLC

“Bob’s story expands our thinking on stroke recovery! His exploration of innovative therapies which go beyond prescribed intense rehabilitation inspires hope and limitless possibilities.”

Mary Bonnette, PhD – Stroke Caregiver/Family Member



“Bob’s new book, Stroke Victor is a compendium of great advice on what stroke victims should investigate and do to enrich their lives and speed them along on their road to recovery. Bob is the “new face” and champion for stroke victims today. His founding of The Stroke Research Foundation shows his dedication to improving the quality of post-stroke lifestyles for all victims and their families. I urge every stroke victim and family to read this book and become involved in Bob’s Foundation. Your freedom is waiting.”

Mike Burns

CEO – A+ Conferencing, Stroke Caregiver/Family Member

“I have now read Stoke Victor three times. It is an amazing book. It is strong medicine for stroke victims and can be of great help to them. This book should be available at every rehab facility to show stroke victims and their caregivers the journey to a quality life after suffering a stroke. They must keep reaching! I wish I had this knowledge when my dearest aunt/godmother suffered her stroke.”

Mary Kay Lane – Stroke Caregiver/Family Member

“Because of reading Bob's book, I do feel I can go through a nasty course of cancer radiation treatments. It is his book and the sayings that I think about while I am getting the treatment. I really like the pictures and quotes at the beginning of each section.”

Judith Goke - Cancer Survivor

“Mr. Mandell has added remarkably important thinking to the process of stroke recovery. By learning from his experiences and holistic thinking, victims and their caregivers can measurably improve their lives.”

Bob Jones - Retired Advertising Executive, Entrepreneur and Friend too many Stroke Victims

“This is truly a book for anyone who is or knows someone recovering from a stroke. You went above and beyond to provide a very deep holistic and realistic view of how one can educate themselves on all options available including traditional health care, alternative services, nutrition and mindset. This book is needed and must get in the hands of everyone - even those not touched by stroke, because the principals in this book truly empower a patient and their caregivers to go beyond the basics and get the very best support and treatments. This book will serve masses!!”

Dena Moscola - Leadership Coach, Consultant and Stroke Supporter

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